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SDG Driven,  Africa Focused


Energy for Impact: Leveraging energy infrastructure to alleviate poverty.



The Emesco Foundation focuses on providing and facilitating energy related social impact projects to address the challenge of sustainable socio-economic upliftment in local African communities.

As a non-profit organisation, our mandate is to focus on positive social impact through energy related infrastructure development and facilitation of energy related social upliftment projects that positively impact local communities.

Our mandate upholds and aligns with the directive of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are the blueprint for the achievement of a more sustainable and equal future for all. These global goals address poverty and inequality challenges across the planet whilst supporting sustainable development, environmental protection and global peace and justice. 

The EMESCO Foundation’s mandate focuses specifically on Affordable and Clean Energy for all.


The Emesco Foundation is registered in South Africa as a Not for Profit organisation (Company Reg. No.: 2013/196569/07) and is currently being registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) which will allow us to issue Section 18a tax certificates for donations of cash or in kind.

The Emesco Foundation, established in South Africa in 2014, is the vision of our founding Chairman, who, through years of commercial exposure and travel across the African continent, has seen, first-hand, the positive impact that renewable energy infrastructure projects can have on local communities. Infant mortality rates, for example, are directly linked to the availability and accessibility of sustainable and renewable energy sources. 

The Emesco Foundation partners with companies to fulfil their enterprise development and environmental Corporate Social Responsibility mandates as we initiate or facilitate projects that have an ‘energy for impact’ alignment.

In addition, we focus on initiating and supporting independent energy related social impact projects to further address the critical issue of social upliftment to help alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life of the many millions of people in Africa’s most impoverished local communities. To this end, we facilitate community projects, typically energy related, to tackle the broader issues of inadequate education and health provision, skills development, and enterprise development and entrepreneurship.

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